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Tour Reseller is designed to enable the small tour reseller, or Activity Center a way to easily track customers that have been sent to various tour operators.

After getting basic information on the passenger, they may then be booked on multiple tours over multiple days with various tour operators. Tour Reseller lets you print vouchers from the reservation screen. It also has reports to track commissions due from tour operators. If a physical voucher is lost, you still have information on the reservation. You can also store information on the passenger, should you want to send out marketing material. Check out the reservation entry screen.

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  • Stores tour operator data. Lets you enter tours, and the operators that provide those tours. Then take that information and determine exactly who you send the most business to.

  • Tour schedules may be printed by time or group. You set up specific tour groups, and print out pax listings.

  • Track sources: find out where your customers heard about you. Internet, newspaper ad, word of mouth, sign...

  • Two levels of security allow for access to information by accounting that is not allowed to reservationists.

  • Stores Tour, Special, Hotel, Employee, and Category information. It then is available for quick entry from picklists when entering a reservation.

  • Lets you categorize tour operators, and print reports with tour operators grouped together.

  • Make reservations, and Print out Vouchers quickly.

  • Print reports which break down tour sales by individual specials you may be running.

  • Add specific payment arrangements you may have with agencies or customers.

  • Print lists of Tour Operators, Hotels, Categories, Tours and their Specials.

  • Target your best tour operators. Find out which market categories make up the most of your business. Find out which specials really worked, and which ones shouldn't be used again. Print sales reports by Tour Operator, Tour and Special, Category, Employee, Source, or Hotel.

  • Enter multiple tours on various dates on a single reservation.

  • Reduce payment cycles by printing out clear tour billing breakdowns.

  • Context senstive online help screens.

  • The DELUXE EDITION contains the ability to archive resevation records into another database, and view those archived records.

  • We can modify reports or voucher styles to work with your existing reports or voucher paper. In the near future, we are planning additional modules to cover multi-user enviornments, and web-based reservation processing.