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Trip Tracker is a what we might call a 'Trip-centric' or 'Group-centric' reservation system for the small tour operator. What we mean is you start by creating a Trip, with a name, description, and start and end dates. From there, you build the different parts of the trip, mabe the first airline flight, or pickup. Then you add hotel nights, optional tours, and the other 'pieces' of the trip. Lastly, you add passengers to this trip you have created. From there you can: print passenger lists, customer itineraries and invoices, vendor balance due reports, profit margin, and rooming list reports.

It makes it easy track reservations and streamline business processing operations. You can check how full your trips are at the press of a button. Take a look at your total trip profit margin at any given time.The various parts your trip is made up of can be set up as fixed costs or per passenger.  Check out a Trip Tracker Screenshot of our reservation entry screen.

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